Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, PointConversion may be referred to as the “Company”. This privacy policy has been crafted to give visitors information regarding their personal information and how it may be used by our company. PointConversion strives to give visitors peace of mind that their private information will be protected when they visit the www.pointconversion.ca website. Below, you will learn how your information is collected and used by us when you visit this website.

You undoubtedly desire to keep your private information private. You would probably love to be able to limit who can collect and utilize your personal information as well. Our company goes above and beyond to ensure that visitors are aware of how their information will be used. We aim to provide the most transparency and accountability. We also prefer giving the visitor a choice when it comes to how their personal information is collected, managed, and used.

We would also like to make it possible for visitors to remove their private information from our system. You can do so by getting in touch with us using the contact information provided on their website. We’ll be happy to assist you every way we can.


About This Website

The PointConversion website was designed to be used by Canadian consumers. Therefore, this Privacy Policy has been written to adhere to the laws of the country of Canada. When visiting this website, you are agreeing to accept this privacy policy. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should leave this website immediately. Simultaneously, registering on this website means that you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Those who do not wish to obey this policy should not give any private information to anyone on this website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or our privacy practices, we highly recommend getting in touch with us immediately. You can contact us directly and we’ll do our best to address your concerns.

Remember that individuals under the age of 18 and those residing outside of Canada are not intended to use this website. When you continue using this website, you are agreed to the terms set forth in this privacy policy.


Information Collected

Our company will indeed collect certain information from the visitors of this website. We collect information when you visit this site and when you registered. The information collected could indeed be classified as personally identifiable information. This type of information is used to identify someone and to communicate with them. There is no need to provide us with your personally identifiable information unless you wish to use our services. Those who do not provide this information will be unable to access the entirety of our service.

Some of the information that we collect includes your full name, birth date, phone number, and payment details. We may also ask for your physical address and email address. This website will also collect non-personally identifiable information regarding our users. This information cannot be used to determine who you are. It includes things like the number of pages you’ve visited on this website, your movement on this website, and your behavior.

The non-personally identifiable information may be collected regardless of your activity on this website. Even if you do not register or submit your personal information, this information can still be completed. The data we collect in this manner includes your IP address, computer’s operating system, and your Internet service provider. This information may be shared with third parties. We will never be shared personally identifiable information (PII) with 3rd parties.


How Your Data Is Used

Your PII is collected when you contact us or register with our website. PointConversion cares about its users and their privacy. This is why we have gone above and beyond to remain in compliance with the privacy laws in Canada. Our company uses the PII to ensure that we’ll be able to answer your questions. We may also use it for solicitation reasons. Some of the information may be used with your consent to prevent fraud. To meet these requirements, this privacy policy gives us the ability to share some of this information when absolutely necessary.

If you attempt to request, access, or purchase 3rd party data from one of our quote request forms, your information will be collected and used. To facilitate this, we may be required to share your private information with a third party. We will only share your PII with 3rd parties in the event that it is going to help us provide you with the service that you initially requested. We may also share this information with companies and professionals we have hired to carry out technical duties for us. These parties do not have permission to share your information with anyone else.

Your PII can be used to resolve disputes and help solve technical problems as well. 3rd parties may receive this information to ensure that they’re able to personalize their website and services to better suit your needs. Consumer reporting agencies may receive PII information from us as well. If we are required to provide a federal agency with PII information, we will be required to do so in good faith. We will only share this information with such agencies in the event that we need to obey legal requirements, protect our rights, prevent a crime, or protect others or the public at large.

In the event that another company buys this website and business, that PII may indeed be transferred to the company in question. If we become involved in an insolvency hearing, we may voluntarily or involuntarily sell, license or dispose of the information in a way that has been approved by the court. This may result in individuals or companies anywhere in the world acquiring your information.


Targeted Ads

Our company may use targeted ads from time to time. When we do, there is a good chance that we’re going to rely on your PII. Targeted advertising may come in the form of emails, phone calls, and direct snail mail. We may also take advantage of your PII to enhance your profile, track your online activities, to provide you with relevant content, and to see where you spend the most time online. When providing us with your PII, you agree that you will give us the opportunity to share certain aggregated anonymous information about you with certain third paties.

This is done to give the 3rd party insight into the individuals who are using this website. And, it gives us the ability to offer you more relevant services and products. The information exchanged in this manner includes demographics and behavioral details. Remember that you can always stop receiving emails and other forms of communication from us. The emails sent to you should provide you with instructions for doing just that. Simultaneously, you can opt-out by not submitting your private information in the first place.

If you wish to opt out manually, you should send us a direct request. We’ll make sure your information is removed from our database as quickly as possible.


Emails And Telemarketing

When signing up for our services, you are giving us permission to use your information to contact you directly. We may do so using emails and telemarketing phone calls. With your express consent, we can use your PII to advertise to you directly and indirectly. We reserve the right to contact you using the phone number that you provided whether that is a landline phone or a mobile phone. We will do so after your request to acquire leads or other services from us. By registering on this website, you agree that you are inquiring about our services. Even if your phone number is on a Do-Not-Call List, you are giving us consent to call you.

When using your phone number to get in touch, you may be required to pay certain message or data fees. You have expressly agreed to pay these fees by signing up for this website. There is a good chance that your wireless carrier is going to collect information about you as well. Be contact this company directly to learn more about their privacy policy and how they use the data that they collect from their customers.


About Cookies And Web Beacons

When visiting this website or reading emails sent from us, you may encounter cookies, web beacons, and other similar things. This generally gives us the ability to track your behavior online. It may also allow us to collect information about your computer and your online activities. Some of the information collected in this manner includes your IP address, computer operating system, and your online activity. This information is generally collected when you open a link found in the email. Be advised that you are giving us permission to collect and use this information.

We may use cookies to track you and your activity online. This is a small file that is assigned to your computer via our web server. It helps our system link your information to your unique profile. Cookies are kept on your computer and within our server logs. The cookies on your computer can be sent back to our server when needed. The information stored in those cookies is very basic. It includes your online browsing behavior, account details, preferences, and other things. Cookies give us the ability to personalize your experience when you visit our website. This information generally cannot be used to identify who you are.

This website uses Session and Persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary. They’ll eventually leave your computer. They can be used to analyze your page views and other things. Persistent cookies stick around for a much longer period of time. In fact, they may remain even after you’ve left this website. Still, you always have the option of deleting the cookies on your own. This website may also use web beacons or pixel tags. These small images are used on this website and in the emails we send. They help us determine whether or not you have performed a specific action.

When you perform the necessary action, the beacons will take note that the action has indeed been performed. This is used to help use determine how much engagement our promotions and other things received. Again, this information cannot help anyone determine who you are. We also collect information in log files. This gives an idea of who is visiting our website and what they’re doing on the site. Information collected in log files includes IP address, ISP, platform type, clicks carried out, user’s movement, and other things. This information cannot be used to determine exactly who you are. It only gives us the ability to better understand our site’s users and their activities on this site.

We may use cookies and other things to find out more about you. For instance, you can use cookies to determine the website you came from, where you go after you leave this site, and other things. The information collected here will never be traded or sold.


Control Your Own Privacy

In most cases, we use the information we collect to deliver a personalized experience to the user. Nevertheless, we understand that many people are not comfortable sharing their information. If you feel this way, you should know that you can always maintain your privacy by limiting the information you send to us. If you wish to prevent our website from tracking your computer using cookies and other technologies, you should refrain from visiting this website. You can also change your IP address. Do not click on any of the links sent via emails to prevent your information from being sent to us.

Remember that you always have the ability to restrict cookie usage. You can prevent certain websites from sending and receiving cookies. Or, you can reject all cookies completely. Each browser is different. Therefore, you may need to do a little research to set up this feature for the specific browser that you’re using. Certain browsers may utilize a Do-Not-Track protocol. Unfortunately, the industry has not set up rules for this sort of thing. Therefore, this website may continue collecting your information even if your browser does send out a Do Not Track signal.

If you wish to opt out, you can do so by following the instructions provided in the communications to you. Again, you can prevent this website from collecting your information by avoiding it. If you do not visit this website or any of our 3rd party links, your information will not be collected.


PII Security

Since we collect your PII information, we are responsible for it. With that being said, we will do everything humanly possible to protect your private information and to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. We have numerous security protocols to ensure that your information is never lost, stolen, or misused. The information collected is off limits to the public. It is only accessible by certain individuals. We may give certain employees access to this information when absolutely necessary. We have gone above and beyond to instill the importance of privacy into our employees. Any employee who does not live up to our privacy standards will face disciplinary actions and possibly even employment termination.

Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that your information will not be illegal accessed at some point in the future. If you feel uncomfortable about this, you should contact us about deleting your information from our database. We’ll be happy to assist you every step of the way.


We Do Not Collect Information From Children

We strive to protect the most vulnerable in society. This is why our company is never going to knowingly collect PII about children. If we discover that PII has been collected from someone who is under 18 years old, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. We will never knowingly disclose this information to 3rd parties. PointConversion is adamant about protecting Canada’s youth.

If you suspect that we may be collecting information from someone underage, we recommend getting in touch with us immediately. We’ll do everything in our power to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Again, we strongly care about protecting Canada’s most vulnerable. Get in touch with us if you suspect anything of the sort.


We Reserve The Right To Link To Third-Party Websites

We occasionally link to third-party websites to provide visitors with more information about specific products and services. We have no control or are we responsible for content posted on the third-party linked websites. Our Privacy Policy entails information about the use of visitors’ personal information.

All website should have a privacy statement, which entails information about gathering personal information. The statement should also address how this information is utilized. If the third-party linked website does not have a privacy policy, we cannot be held responsible. We recommend directing all questions to the linked website.

We recommend never providing a website with personal information until you have read the Privacy Policy in-depth. If you do not wish these 3rd party websites to collect your information, you should not click on these links.


Canadian Residents With Special Notifications

The Canadian business laws and regulations state that we must disclose any third-party contact made on your account when requested. This means the if you request it we must provide you with the identity of any third-party companies that we shared your Pll with during the previous calendar year along with any other pertinent information regarding your company. We must also ply you with the reasons that the third-party company requested the information in the first place. If you are a legal Canadian resident and would like to make such requests all you have to do is get in touch with our offices and make a formal request for the information.


We’ll do our best to accommodate your concerns as quickly as humanly possible.

Editing The Privacy Policy

We here at PointConversion legally have the right to edit portions of our Privacy Policy at any time of our choosing. This means that at any time we choose we may add, remove, or revise sections of the policy. And, we can do this without giving customers prior notification. Do not fear because your information will always be used in accordance with the privacy policy that you initially signed. You will, however, have the right to choose if we can legally use this information in a different manner. It will be the member’s responsibility to log into our website and apprise themselves of any changes that have taken place within the policy. We will make a posting of the changes on our website and this will be the only notice that is sent out about the changes.

Questions, Complaints, Or Concerns About The Pll

Our company always strives to make sure that we are keeping your Pll accurate and up to date. It is you that will be fully in control of the information that we use to serve you. You have the legal right and ability to change such information at any time that you wish. You can do this as many times as necessary. In addition to this, you can make a request for the Pll to be deleted altogether. However, if there is any information that is needed for investigations or required by the law to be withheld, we will have to comply.

If you currently have any questions regarding the terms within our policy, think that we have overstepped our own policy, or would simply like to access or modify, your Pll, you can give our offices a call right away.

3660 Midland Ave
M1V 0B8, Canada

Just remember that we may hold information or keep it from being deleted in the event that it is needed for fraud investigation or if one of the situations described above comes into play. We will do our very best to get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Effective Date: June 1st, 2019