How our insurance lead generation model works


When you come onboard, you would be approved to receive ‘x’ type of leads.

For example, let’s say you specialize in E&O insurance or Contractors CGL.

As soon a lead (web or call) contacts us, we get on call with them and operate like a receptionist. We ask the lead about what kind of insurance they need, their geo, amount, and other information.

Following that, within seconds, we route that lead to first your phone by forwarding the call and then to your email for reference.

The idea is to connect the hot lead to an advisor right away. Not only does this minimize the chances of them going elsewhere to shop, but also increases your chances of closing the account.

If you are an advisor who has sold commercial lines, you would understand the importance of being first.

And we understand and execute this part well.

You decide how many leads/day, the type of leads, province, and other variables you would like to target.

We bring that customer to you.

And that’s it.


Type of leads we offer


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