Where are these leads coming from?

The leads we provide are of customers that went on the internet and contacted us via one of our websites for some type of insurance. The customer wants and expects to be contacted by a licensed insurance professional that can help them attain the coverage they need.

How fresh are the leads?

Every commercial insurance lead gets forwarded to you in real time. We operate like a receptionist. When a lead calls us or requests a quote on our website, we get on call with them and ask about their business name, type of insurance they need, amount of insurance, province, and contact information.

Once we have that information, we connect/3 way/merge/forward the call to the broker or agent that we know would be the most successful at closing the deal. To clarify further, our AI analyzes data based on the parameters of the lead itself (type of insurance they need, amount of insurance, province, and other variables) and then determines which broker would have the highest % of closing the account.

We do not provide our clients any insurance consulting or discuss coverages… just like a traditional unlicensed receptionist.

How am I billed for this service?

Once you are approved to receive leads, you will receive a link with a password to your very own portal. On the portal, you will be able to see the type of leads you are approved for.

From that point, we will connect real time leads of professionals that need insurance straight to your phone. You are only billed for the type of leads you want and the amount of leads you buy.

How many leads can I get in a day?

Depends on what you want and what we have. Only leads that you are approved to purchase will be connected to you. Each lead is only sold once. 

We rely on our customers to request quotes or call our numbers which we then connect to you. If we develop a custom leads program for a specific profession/industry for your agency or brokerage, we can provide a constant flow which can be scaled further.

How can I control how many leads I get or how much I spend?

You choose. You only pay for what you buy.

How many other agents and brokers receive these leads?

We only provide exclusive leads.


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