Business Insurance Leads for Agents and Brokers

PointConversion provides exclusive commercial insurance leads also known as business insurance leads to its network of insurance brokers, agents, and direct writers across all provinces in Canada.        





Our lead program highlights

  • The leads we provide are of professionals that went on the internet, searched for the type of insurance they need, and then requested a quote on one of our websites.
  • Majority of our leads want to be insured in 1-3 days.
  • Over 90% of our leads are small business owners that generate between $50,000 to $150,000 in annual revenue.
  • Our leads, majority of the time, are not very price sensitive but rather care about coverages, the level of service, and broker support.
  • If your brokerage or agency has a program rate with coverages for a profession, we can target your appetite across Canada.
  • We work with insurance agents and brokers licensed to sell property & casualty insurance across Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and PEI. 






Types of leads we provide






Why commercial insurance agents & brokers should buy our leads

We do not target or go after professionals who may want an insurance policy. Instead, these professionals search for the insurance they want online and find us. This is why all our leads are high quality buyers. We do not provide any incentives to our leads to work with us. Our websites educate the visitors about the coverage they are interested in and once these professionals are ready to be connected to a licensed insurance advisor, they contact us. From that point, we find the best broker or agent for their coverage needs.           






How our lead generation model works

  1. Customer looks for insurance online.
  2. The customer lands on one of our websites.
  3. They read about the insurance they need.
  4. They request a quote for that insurance.
  5. We screen the lead by calling them.
  6. During the screening, we determine the best broker or agent to service the lead.
  7. We connect the lead to the broker or agent that is specialized and approved for our lead generation service.
  8. The broker or agent provides us feedback on how the sale went.
  9. The higher the closing rate, the more leads we provide that partner.






Insurance Companies & MGAs that are a good fit for our leads

Please find below few example insurance markets that you can use to market your commercial insurance submissions. With a MGA like Premier, turnaround times on a complete submission for a class of business like engineer E&O can be as quick as the same day. CFC is quick but time difference must be factored. Insurers like Intact, especially the AcceL department can quote contractors fast unless the submission has commercial exposure which is then forwarded to a different writer internally. 






Our commercial insurance websites

Please find below our websites where professionals and business owners go to request insurance and bonding related information:






Why PointConversion?

We continuously strive for excellence and aim to be Canada’s commercial lead source for insurance brokerages and agencies.   

  • PointConversion delivers leads that are buyers. The lead you receive will have actual intent to purchase commercial liability insurance. Not in the future months, not in the future weeks, but very soon.
  • When the customer is looking, we make sure to connect them to a licensed advisor, fast. Our leads for business insurance are routed or in other words, connected with you in minutes.
  • Leads straight to your CRM and BMS via API.